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Beautiful, long-lasting paints for the home.

Since 1987, when Fine Paints of Europe introduced Dutch enamels to America, they have presented homeowners with beautiful, practical, cost effective alternatives to conventional domestic paints. FPE paints are formulated from the finest ingredients to the high standards which have established the Netherlands as the world leader in coatings. These paints are embraced and enjoyed by clients who recognize that the true value of a paint is determined by the number of years it will beautify and protect. They understand that, “There is nothing more expensive than cheap paint.™



Eurolux Acrylic Paints

  • Eurolux Interior Matte
  • Eurolux Interior Flat
  • Eurlox Interior Satin

Hollandlac Traditional Oil Paints

  • Hollandlac Brilliant 98
  • Hollandlac Satin
  • Hollandlac Eggshell

Eco Waterborne Paints

  • Eco Brilliant — Interior or Exterior
  • Eco Satin — Interior or Exterior

Sign Enamel

  • Sign Enamel Brilliant
  • Sign Enamel Satin

Matte Oil Wallpaint


  • Eurolux Housepaint

The Dutch Door Kit

Paints, Primers & Varnishes


Primers and Undercoats


Mineral Spirits

Wilhelmina Mints

Fine Paints of Europe DVD

Basic Paint Systems

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