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If you’re getting tired of your furniture or kitchen cabinets current look, you don’t need a full replacement. You can get the feel of a brand-new piece of furniture, kitchen or bathroom without the time — or budget — needed to buy or install new ones. New paint will freshen up your space or your most beloved pieces of furniture. You’ll save money by keeping your existing cabinets or furniture and restaining them with a custom finish or paint from our expert team.

We provide advice on the process of choosing the perfect color and finish style to achieve a beautiful and balanced result.

Our Services


Painting wood furniture gives life to new and old pieces. Our process includes carefully sanding and repairing blemishes, followed by applying primer and paint.

The right paint can highlight the character of a piece of furniture and make it the focal point in any room. Before you throw that old piece of furniture away, consider having it painted to complement your décor.



We offer several options, depending on the condition of your cabinets and the style you’re after. Smaller-scale work includes cleaning and minor repairs of scuffs, scratches and dings or touch-ups for missing color and finish. Or, for a full transformation, update paint or stain or reface your cabinets with new veneer and door fronts.

Refinishing Stained Wood

Minga Collective provides full wood staining and refinishing for furniture, crown molding, doors, panels and all type of woods. Our complex process allows our team to finish wood to either match your new wood or provide primed material ready to stain or paint. While completing your staining project, wood stain refinishing will bring the natural color out of the wood which is our final step in wood staining and refinishing. 

How the Process Works


SPRAY-PAINTED (Factory finish-lacquered):
We use high quality industrial coatings designed for wood.

Our preparation steps: deeply clean each piece, deeply sanding by hand and sanding machines, adding bondo and filler in places that we consider necessary, 2 coats of industrial primer, 2 to 3 coats of high-quality paint and sealer. Always sanding in between coats.

We can match any color from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and Fine Paints of Europe.

Matte, Satin, Semi-gloss, Gloss (90% sheen) and High Gloss (100% sheen).

NOTE: Quote is for one color only, we paint the interior and exterior of most pieces, and only paint the drawer fronts. Unless client specifies that more than one color is needed or they would like the interior of the drawer to be painted as well, and we will quote accordingly. 


HAND-PAINTED (Artistic look with brush strokes on finish):
We only use Annie Sloan Chalk paint for this type of finish, you can choose from their 45 colors available.


Available colors here!


We seal the paint with a clear Chalk Paint® wax that protects and gives it a beautiful mellow/low gloss matt finish.


We offer full-service stain. We will strip the current finish to add new color and seal it. Like to do the same color? Yes! We can match the current color to give it a fresh look! The quote for the refinishing is for the exterior part and one color only, unless client specifies that more than one color is needed or that the inside part needs to be refinished as well, and we will quote accordingly. 


Available colors here!


Matte, Satin, Semi-gloss, Gloss (90% sheen) and High Gloss (100% sheen).

We offer specialty finishes by request including two-tone finishes, glazing, cerusing, distressed.

PLEASE NOTE: Quotes for finishing and refinishing are intended for that purpose only. Any additional work needed is consider an extra work and we will quote accordingly if requested. Ex: tightening a loosen part, gluing, replacing a missing part or other or if the piece has any major damage and needs repair, we will let you know.



Keeping the same handles/knobs and hinges as is: 

We will take them off and add them back as is. No charge, of course!

Polishing current hardware:

We can give them a new look by polishing or spray painting them in another metallic color.

Hardware installation Options:

A- New handles using the same holes:
Provided hardware should match the current holes, make sure to take measurements (from center of the holes) before purchasing the new hardware. Check here, this picture will help you determine hole centers on your drawer pulls. This is important if you are replacing existing hardware and want to use the same holes! There is no charge to install the new hardware using same holes.

B- Closing current holes and making new ones:
To close the current holes and make new holes for the new hardware.


Sometimes clients need more for their one-of-a-kind piece/s, for that reason we work with a variety of materials such as: paper, metal legs, wood, glass, stone and more.

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